Latest update Covid regulations coming to Bali:

Those travelers holding a B211A visa will be subject to the Pre-flight and entry conditions below.:


  •  Peduli Lindungi App installed on your phone.
  • 2 Doses or 3 Doses ( Booster) are accepted.
  • PCR Test with a negative result 48 hours before departure to Bali for all visitors including infants - test needs to be a paper based copy in English.
  • Completed e-CD (Customs  App).   
  • Immigration documents ( Passport, Visa, Stay Permit).
  • Nationality Passport which is valid and still valid for at least 6 months.
  • A return ticket or a one-way ticket to continue the journey to another country. for VOA & eVISA holders.
  • Other required documents in accordance with the provisions of the Head of the Covid-19 Task Force Handling,
  • Travel insurance with specific COVID19 cover and have legal standing in Indonesia. 

The eHAC is no longer required for International arrivals. 


Upon arrival:

Health Check & PCR Testing

Upon arrival all international arrivals are required to undergo a health check for symptoms related to COVID-19, including checking body temperature; 


In the event of detected to have symptoms related to COVID-19 and/or has a body temperature above 37.5 degrees Celsius, it is obligatory to undergo a RT-PCR re-examination at a cost to be borne by the government for Indonesian citizens and the costs to be borne independently for foreigners. 


If  no symptoms related to COVID-19 are detected and a body temperature below 37.5 degrees Celsius, international arrivals can continue with their travel plans.