Latest update Covid regulations coming to Bali:

With the situation in Bali remaining fluid, the government continues adjusting policies and procedures in real-time.

Indonesia applies the following health protocols since 1 September 2022 until further notice.


Please prepare your documents and follow the health and safety measures in Indonesia.


Travelers holding a B211A visa will be subject to the Pre-flight and entry conditions below:

  • PCR test is no longer required to enter Indonesia if traveler fully vaccinated. Note: Airlines / carriers may have different requirement to board their transport vehicle regarding PCR test, check their website;
  • Showing insurance coverage statement for Covid-19 treatment in Indonesia is no longer required;
  • Download an Indonesian mobile application PeduliLindungi (available on Google Play; App Store, App Gallery);
  • Register your Covid-19 vaccine certificate at PeduliLindungi app (see attachment) for your access to indoor public places in Indonesia;
  • Show printed or digital proof that you have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 at least 14 days prior to your departure (exemptions apply to visitors under 18 years old, diplomatic/official government visit, and medically certified persons);
  • A traveler that has been Covid-19 infected is exempted from showing Covid-19 vaccine certificate as long as traveler can show a medical attestation from doctor/hospital/ministry of health or a Covid-19 recovery certificate from departure country (in English) confirming that the traveler is no longer transmitting Covid-19 and not yet possible or cannot receive full dose of Covid-19 vaccine;
  • Temperature check upon arrival in Indonesia and if travelers has fever and/or Covid-19 symptoms then PCR test upon arrival must be done. If travelers are not required to do PCR test upon arrival then they may continue their journey;

A. If travelers must do PCR test upon arrival then they need to wait for negative PCR test result at hotel/accommodation.


B. If traveler's PCR test upon arrival is positive then they need to quarantine or treated in hospital as suggested by Ministry of Health officials.

  • For those who have not vaccinated or have received 1 dose of vaccine due to medical reasons are required to show a medical certificate from local hospital explaining the reason of why they cannot complete/receive vaccination.
  • You need to fill out the Electronic Customs Declaration (E-CD) before you enter Indonesia. Once you filled out the form, a QR code will appear. Scan it or make a picture of it on your mobile.You will have to show this code at the Customs counter on the airport.    Link:  (Choose the English version).