Latest update regulations coming to Bali:

With the situation in Bali remaining fluid, the government continues adjusting policies and procedures in real-time.

Indonesia applies the following health protocols since 1 September 2022 until further notice.


Please prepare your documents and follow the health and safety measures in Indonesia.


Travelers holding a B211A visa will be subject to the Pre-flight and entry conditions below:

  • PCR test is no longer required to enter Indonesia if traveler fully vaccinated. Note: Airlines / carriers may have different requirement to board their transport vehicle regarding PCR test, check their website;
  • Showing insurance coverage statement for Covid-19 treatment in Indonesia is no longer required;
  • Download an Indonesian mobile application PeduliLindungi (available on Google Play; App Store, App Gallery);
  • Register your Covid-19 vaccine certificate at PeduliLindungi app (see attachment) for your access to indoor public places in Indonesia;
  • Show printed or digital proof that you have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 at least 14 days prior to your departure (exemptions apply to visitors under 18 years old, diplomatic/official government visit, and medically certified persons);
  • A traveler that has been Covid-19 infected is exempted from showing Covid-19 vaccine certificate as long as traveler can show a medical attestation from doctor/hospital/ministry of health or a Covid-19 recovery certificate from departure country (in English) confirming that the traveler is no longer transmitting Covid-19 and not yet possible or cannot receive full dose of Covid-19 vaccine;
  • Temperature check upon arrival in Indonesia and if travelers has fever and/or Covid-19 symptoms then PCR test upon arrival must be done. If travelers are not required to do PCR test upon arrival then they may continue their journey;

A. If travelers must do PCR test upon arrival then they need to wait for negative PCR test result at hotel/accommodation.


B. If traveler's PCR test upon arrival is positive then they need to quarantine or treated in hospital as suggested by Ministry of Health officials.

  • For those who have not vaccinated or have received 1 dose of vaccine due to medical reasons are required to show a medical certificate from local hospital explaining the reason of why they cannot complete/receive vaccination.
  • You need to fill out the Electronic Customs Declaration (E-CD) before you enter Indonesia. Once you filled out the form, a QR code will appear. Scan it or make a picture of it on your mobile.You will have to show this code at the Customs counter on the airport.    Link:  (Choose the English version).



Using a local SIM card

For those who come for a longer time and plan to use a local SIM card, you need to register the EMEI number of your phone.

(If you bring your phone into Indonesia for the first time and didn't use it with a local SIM card before 18Th of April 2020.)  You can do this in the airport.


In case your stay in Indonesia is less than 90 days, you can register your phone FOR FREE at any official office of a mobile operator. To register, you just need to come to the office in person with your passport and the phone. The tax in that case does not need to be paid.

This registration is valid for 3 months and at the moment is permitted to be extended without any additional fees for another 3 months at the same office where you had initially registered your phone.


There are a lot of mobile phone shops that would register phones for free when you purchase a SIM card or an Internet package from them.