Welcome to our program in Bali


The WINS foundation helps underprivileged children in Indonesia by giving them the chance to go to school through the WINS child sponsoring program.


Additionally we offer them extra lessons at our Learning Centers in Bali.

So that they will believe in themselves and in their ability to make a difference

in their lives and in the lives of people around them.


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 The additional lessons in the Learning Centers cover: 


• English language and computer skills;

• Dance, Arts and Culture to enhance their own identity, pride and


• Sexual education, HIV / AIDS;

• Personal care and personal hygiene;

• Communicating clearly;

• Future thinking and acting;

• Environmental awareness: environment, waste

   management, hygiene;

• Permaculture, according to the  IDEP Foundation;        

• Working with nature to improve society and the environment.

• Community Development;

   By involving the local community like parents, family, guest

   parents, neighbors, etc. in the development and growth of

   the children.


Please visit the WINS Foundation website to discover more about

the WINS vision. 


Our volunteer Program

VIP-International handles volunteer matters for the WINS Foundation.


Volunteering has a meaningful, positive impact on the children and the community. It is a proactive way of doing something to make the world

a better place. 


We see volunteers as Very Important in the WINS Education Program for the children. We believe that volunteers have something special to contribute. 

There would be no such thing as WINS, without extraordinary people like you.


You can help by doing all kinds of activities and sharing your personal talents and gifts with the children of the WINS Learning Centers.


If you have the passion, drive, enthusiasm and an open mind, and are eager

to help the children in Indonesia build their own future, we would be

delighted to have you on our team! 



For the latest update about travel regulations related to Covid 19,

please visit the page: Update Covid regulations coming to Bali