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Yayasan Eka Chita Pradnyan Sanggar

Samsaman is a little village in the region of Tabanan, in the western part of Bali.


Yayasan Eka Chita Pradnyan in Samsaman was set up in February 2014 by a Dutch Foundation: Stichting Indonesie 2007 and operates within the WINS vision and system. 

Recently they changed the name Stichting Indonesie into YEAH Foundation: Youth Education And Health:


By staying in the Learning Centers guest room and using the transport and tour facilities, you also support the Learning Center.

For this is an extra source of income, that makes it possible for them to run this Learning Center, to become a self-sufficient organization.


The Team

The Learning Center is managed by director Ketut Sunarmi and her husband Made. She is dedicated to help the unprivileged children in her village.


Intan Rastini is the local English teacher, who is responsible for a continuous lesson schedule in cooperation with volunteers.

The Learning Center

The Learning Center has one outside classroom, a fully equipped computer room, a smaller classroom/library,  an office and a lot of space outside to do all kinds of activities with the children.











The Learning Center offers accommodation for volunteers.
The 2 simple guest rooms, both with bathroom, are near the friendly family compound, only a few steps away from the Learning Center.

Ibu Ketut serves you simpel, but very tasty meals.

You can enjoy the  daily life in the village and make beautiful hikes in the near surroundings.

Breakfast, lunch and will be served at the dining table in the volunteers area. They are  serving a variety of home cooked dishes, including a vegetarian menu. 


Look on the fees page for more information.

Things to do in Samsaman

Samsaman is a traditional Balinese village in the beautiful region of Tabanan, in the western part of Bali.  and plantation of coco trees and traditional cattle farming.

It’s a beautiful quite tranquil area of terraced rice paddy’s and hills and plantation of coco trees and traditional cattle farming, where you can walk for hours and enjoy the nature of Bali.

The local teacher Intan started yoga classes with the children. You can join if you like.


Transport facilities

Although you're in a quiet corner of Bali, from there you can quickly explore all tourist destinations by motorbike or by car.

The staff is happy to take you to traditional ceremonies, like a cremation, wedding ceremony or full Moon ceremony, etc.


They also can arrange a motorbike for you to rent.

Prices are available at the Learning Center.




Sawah trekking

Just 200 meters from the Center there is a traditional population of Samsaman, mainly rice farmers, so the area has a beautiful view of terraced rice paddy’s and hills where you can go hiking in the rice fields. There are also traditional farming of coco trees and cattle farming. The local village children are happy to guide you around.


Balian Beach

Just 10 km from Samsaman is Balian Beach,  one of the most relaxing destinations on Bali.
There are good waves to do some surfing,  or you can just chill, enjoy a cocktail, and watch the sunset.
Walk along the beach and watch the local fishermen cast their nets.

And if you love yoga, there is also a the Balian Yoga Retreat, where you can participate in a yoga session.


Nungnun waterfall

You can do the trek down of 590 steps. The views of the waterfall and the surrounding scenery are breathtaking. Descending into the valley is picturesque with the tropical rainforest trees and the running water down the sides of the pathway. Taking a swim in the pool under the waterfall is invigorating.



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Yayasan  Eka Chita Pradnyan

Banjar Dinas Samsaman Kaja  

Desa Angkah

Kecamatan Selemadeg Barat (post code 82 162)

Tabanan Regency,  Bali



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