FAQ [Expenses, fees and payments]

Why are there costs involved with volunteering?  


The WINS foundation is a non-profit organization and we exist simply to fulfill our mission. A part if this mission is connecting volunteers with our Learning Centers to educate the children. We believe that a successful volunteer program should bring genuine benefits to both the communities we work with and to our volunteers.

We do not receive any government funding so we are dependent on the fees, paid by our volunteers, to pay for the services and resources we provide. And by paying these fees, you will also support the Learning Centers.

These services begin before you volunteer, to help you prepare for your trip, and continue when you return home.  We'll help you to stay connected to your projects  and updates through Facebook. You'll of course also receive a range of services while you're volunteering.

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What does the Package fee include?  


Please have a look at our page prices to see what is included and what is not. We’ve created a ‘made to measurements’  package fee. 

Do I need to budget for any additional expenses?    


The only expenses that you need to think about are funds for personal expenses, such as renting a motorbike, buying and charging a SIM card, trips, souvenirs, etc.

The costs of living generally depend on your lifestyle.

You should expect to budget for approximately 300 to 350 USD per month.

While you are in the community, try to support the local economy by buying local goods from local stores, eating in local restaurants and using local transport.

Food, services and restaurants are generally cheaper, compared to Western countries.


How and when should I pay the Program fees?    


Once you signed the Volunteer Agreement and all arrangements are definite, you will receive an invoice.

Your total Program Fee payment has to be submitted at least 15 days before your arrival, through an international bank transfer. 

All information you need, to make this bank transfer, is on the invoice. 

It is not possible to pay with a bank/creditcard at the Learning Centers.

Are the Package fees subject to change?    


We review fees twice a year, due to changes in the local prices.

Any resulting fee changes will only apply to volunteers who have not yet confirmed their placement.  Once a placement has been confirmed the quoted program fee is valid for a 6-month period.  

Do you provide any financial support?  


The WINS Foundation and the Learning Centers are unable to provide any financial assistance.

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