Guest rooms

Every WINS Learning Center offers accommodation for volunteers. 


We can arrange accommodation for you during your stay in Indonesia, near to the Learning Centers, or at the Learning Center itself.

You will be staying with the family of the Management team, and you will experience the  daily life in the village.


By staying at the Learning Center guest rooms, you also support them, for this is an extra source of income, that makes it possible for them to run their Learning Centers, as a self-sufficient organization.


Most of the time, volunteers share a room with at least 1 other volunteer during their volunteering placement. We can not guarantee a single room.


  • Simple private, western style bathroom;
  • Ceiling Fan;
  • Bed linnen; 
  • Free onsite Wi-Fi access at the guesthouse;
  • Laundry service (not included in staying costs);
  • Tour service (not included in staying costs);
  • Motorbike or bicycle rental (not included in staying costs).


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