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Yayasan Widya Guna

‘Yayasan Widya Guna’ was founded in 2006 by Ketut Sadia and Gill Rijnenberg.
One of the WINS goals is, that each Learning Center eventually must become self-sufficient,  and be able to ‘do it on their own’ covering its own daily operational costs without relying on ongoing financial assistance from WINS. As from May the 1st 2010, this Learning Center is self-sufficient. This means, that they now generate their own income to pay for all operational costs and salaries.


By staying in the Learning Centers guest room and using the  transport facilities, you also support the Learning Center, for this is an extra source of income, that makes it possible for them to run their Learning Center, as a self-sufficient organization.


The Team

The Learning Center is managed by director Ketut Sadia and his wife Ms. Nyoman.

Long before the WINS involvement, Mr. Ketut and Ms. Nyoman  were already supporting the unprivileged children, doing that all from their own private resources. This passion and commitment made WINS decide to support them in their passion.

They are supported by an extended staff. Most of the staff are former students of the Learning Center. There are 5 local teacher, a volunteer coordinator and local English teacher aid.


The Learning Center

The Learning Center has an Aula (open room) for Yoga and dance activities, an Office and multifunctional room (library and computer room), 3 classrooms, a kitchen with dining table,

A bale for making offering and homework, a multifunction building of workshop and children shop, a physiotherapy room, a sensory room, a physiotherapy area, a room for the volunteer to prepare the lesson and an organic garden where they grow vegetables and fruit for the Piduh Charity Cafe.


English class

With English language skills, the child can communicate with their international sponsors and with visitors from abroad that come to visit Indonesia. Furthermore, this will give them an advantage in their future professional careers.


The English lessons are from 2 pm until 4 pm, just after the children come back from their schools.


Every child is special!


The Learning Center is located close to Ubud, just a 15 min. drive, and offers accommodation for volunteers.
The comfortable guest rooms and family atmosphere make many happy to come back and stay.

There are guest houses at several locations, one in the family compound of Mr Ketut and Mrs Nyoman, and the others a short 5 min. walk from the Learning Center.


You will be staying with the family of the Management team and you will experience the daily life in the village.

Fresh fruit or juice will be served at breakfast at the dining table.

You can enjoy your lunch at the Piduh cafe in the Learning Center, serving a variety of dishes, including a vegetarian menu.

Diner is in the homestay.

With this Learning Center, staying in the guest houses is mandatory.


Look on the fees page for more information.

Things to do around Bedulu

Bali is famous for it's beautiful view and unique culture. There are many interesting things to experience, such as exploring the natural surroundings, attending cultural activities and many other attractions and adventures.

Even at walking distance, there are some wonderful things to see and do, like hiking in the rice fields.

Ubud, the cultural center of Bali, is only 15 min. away by motorbike.


The Learning Center can offer you tours, or you can do cooking or woodcarving class in the Learning Center!



Transport and Tour facilities

To explore all of these places, the Yayasan transportation and tour service is happy to take you  with an experienced English speaking driver.

Spiritual tour with making offering and purification at holy spring water temple is one of the tours product to support the Yayasan.

The Learning Center also offers a tour and Transport service, such as: Airport pick-up and drop-off, Tours, Motorbike rental, etc.


Yayasan Widya Guna
Jalan Yeh Pulu • Desa Bedulu• Gianyar• Bali


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