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Yayasan Belajar Widya Seraya

 Yayasan Belajar Widya Seraya in Seraya was founded in 2009 by Stichting Bali Bundar in cooperation with WINS. The Child sponsor program and Education program were implemented successfully.  

In 2014 they became “self sufficient”, which is the main goal of the WINS concept. The Learning Center pays operational and salary costs itself with the income it makes out from it’s own sources, such as renting the guest rooms to volunteers and visitors and providing a transport service.


The Team

This Learning Center is managed by  Wayan Berata and his family.

In 2008 he took the initiative to support the unprivileged children in his village to get education.

Without any support and help, he started classes on the veranda of his private home.  

The Learning Center

The Learning Center has 3 outside classrooms, one fully equipped computer room, one smaller classroom/library, a fully equipped sport field and a lot of space outside to do all kinds of activities with the children.











The Learning Center offers accommodation.
The  7 comfortable guest rooms are located at the Learning Center itself ; two next to the house of Mr. Wayan  and five rooms  with sea view, on the hill, next to the Learning Center.

You stay with a Balinese family and  enjoy daily live in the village. They serve home cooked breakfast and  lunch, diner is optional, There is a variety of dishes, including a vegetarian menu.


By staying in the Learning Centers guest room and using the  transport and tour facilities, you also support the Learning Center, for this is an extra source of income, that makes it possible for them to run their Learning Center, as a self-sufficient organization.


Look on the fees page for more information.

Watch this 'lip dub' made (in the end of June 2015) by volunteers and students.

Things to do around Seraya

Seraya is a little fisherman village, located at the most eastern tip of Bali,  far away from the typical tourist path. A paradise of tranquility, overlooking the sea.

In the Learning Center you can do workshops like Balinese language, balinese dance and cooking class. And if you can teach yoga, you can teach the children after classes.

Transport facilities

Although you're in a quiet corner of Bali, from there you can quickly explore all tourist destinations by motorbike or by car.

The Learning Center offers you a scale of transport facilities, tours and trips.

The family is happy to take you to traditional ceremonies, like a cremation, wedding ceremony or full Moon ceremony, etc.


They also can arrange a motorbike for you to rent. Prices are available at the Learning Center.

Fishing trip

Experience the real fishing, and join a fisherman on his sea trip.
And if you’re lucky you might sea the dolphins.


You can snorkel at the White sands beach (15 minutes away), or in the diving resort Amed (30 minutes away).


Seraya Mountain is a small mountain, easy to climb, and offers a spectaculair view from the top.

Gili Islands

You can take a weekend trip to the Gili Islands with a speed boat from Amed.


For more detailed information about the Learning Center  Yayasan Belajar Widya Seraya:
Or download: The information book for volunteers or contact us.

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