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Yayasan Widya Sari

Mr. Ketut Sujana, the director of the Learning Center Yayasan Widya Sari, was determined to make a difference in his village Tianyar, in the northern part of Bali.
In 2008 he took the initiative to support the unprivileged children in his  village to get education. Without any support and help, he started classes on the veranda of his private home. 

The Learning Center has it's own volunteer organization. If you are interested in volunteering in Tianyar go to:


One of the WINS goals is, that each Learning Center eventually must become self-sufficient,  and be able to ‘do it on their own’ covering its own daily operational costs without relying on ongoing financial assistance from WINS.  This Learning Center is self-sufficient. 
This means, that they now generate their own income to pay for all operational costs and salaries.

The Team

Leony is the volunteer co-ordinator and administrator, who was one of the first young students in the village, that joined the program in the Learning Center.

She supports volunteers before their arrival into Bali.

Ketut Sujana  is the founder.


The Learning Center

The Learning Center is located only 100m from the beach and has an aula (open room) for yoga, music and dance activities, a fully equipped  computer room, 4 open classrooms, a kinder garten, a kitchen with dining table and lots of space to to outside activities.


They also set op a coral reef protection program, where you can join as a volunteer:




The volunteer's accommodation is also located 100m from the beach.

 The Learning Center provides 3 different rooms for our volunteers, which accommodates 8 to 10 volunteers at one time.  Two rooms have two beds, a ceiling fan, and an en-suite western-style bathroom.

Two volunteers can share these rooms at a time.

The third room has one large bed, a ceiling fan, and an en- suite, western-style bathroom.
As there is only one bed, it is normally offered to couples, or  to volunteers who do not mind sharing a big bed with a friend. 


Ibu Nyoman is a mother of four of the students, she cooks daily traditional meals for the  volunteers.

By staying at the Learning Center guest rooms, you also support the Learning Center, for this is an extra source of income, that makes it possible for them to run their Learning Center, as a self-sufficient organization.

Look on the fees page for more information.

Things to do in Tianyar

Tianyar is a little fishermans village, located at the northern part of Bali,  far away from the typical tourist path.

Although you're in a quiet corner of Bali, from there you can quickly explore all tourist destinations by motorbike or by car.

 Located 15 mins from world famous diving village of Tulamben, 40 mins from diving village Amed and 1.5 hours from Lovina. Ubud is a 2 hours drive from this location.

Even at walking distance, there are some wonderful things to see and do, like walk along the beach, swimming, snorkeling and watching the fisherman bringing in their catch early in the mornings,  or join local traditional ceremonies.

Transport facilities

The Learning Center offers you a scale of transport facilities, tours and trips.

They also can arrange a motorbike for you to rent.

Please contact the Learning Center for the most recent tariffs.


For more detailed information about the Learning Center Yayasan Widya Sari, please refer to:

the information book for volunteers
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