FAQ [Health and Safety]

Is Bali a safe place to stay and travel?  

We always recommend researching the destination of travel before you come, but in general Bali remains a fairly safe and friendly place to spend your time. The Balinese are very inclusive people and will engage with you wherever you go.

At all Learning Center you will have local staff to assist and guide you with any concerns or issues.

For more information, please read the Information book for volunteers.

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Do I need any vaccinations before volunteering abroad?  

We advice that you visit your travel doctor to review your healthcare requirements before traveling abroad. 

Recommended or required vaccinations for international travel can also be found at the Centers for Disease Control or Department of Heath Websites.

Bali is much more developed than most regions in Indonesia and the main tourism areas match international standards when it comes to hygiene.

If you plan to travel to other areas in Indonesia or venture out for a longer period into the more remote areas of Bali, then a more careful approach is recommended.

Because vaccines need to be taken before arriving at your holiday destination you need to plan your vaccine strategy 4-8 weeks before scheduled departure.

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Should l buy Travel or Health Insurances before l go?     

Yes, travel and health insurances are compulsory for volunteers for WINS.

You are free to take out insurance cover through any provider of your choice, but make sure  your insurance covers South-East Asia. 

What do I need to know about medications I'm taking?    

We want you to remain healthy, so we advise to think about any medication you’re taking or might need during your volunteering, under the advice of your medical practitioner. 

We have a few recommendations: 

• Keep in mind that not all medications may be available in Indonesia. 

• Ensure that you have sufficient medication to cover your entire trip. 

• Bring your medication passport! 

• Medication should be brought in the original packaging with original labels.

• Consult with a medical professional before your trip about your medication schedule in a    

   new time zone and any drug interactions with travel immunizations or medications, that you  

   might be taking. 

What happens if a volunteer gets sick?    

A lot of our safety procedures have been put in place, like safe food and drinking water.

But in case of an illness, you receive appropriate care, or we can take you to a local doctor or hospital.

It starts with our comprehensive travel and health insurance, so you will be covered in the event of a medical issue.

You will get a 24/7 emergency number of our local staff. 

What kind of food will be served at the home stays of the Learning Centers?   

You can enjoy three meals each day with a variety of healthy and delicious local cuisine, during teaching days, and breakfast in the weekends.

The staff In the Learning Centers is also trained in safe food preparation and cooking for a variety of dietary preferences, restrictions, and allergies.

Just les us know beforehand and we’ll make sure we will accommodate you as much as possible. 

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