Our VIP service

We will try to make a "tailor made" arrangement for you and will assist you with all necessary matters. so you can have a great experience.

Visa handling

To volunteer or do your internship in Indonesia, you need a Social Cultural Visa B211A.

We will provide you with all information you need to apply and guide you through the process.


Visa Information

Airport Pick-up and Transport

We can arrange a pick-up from Airport and transfer to the VIP-International Introduction Center, at the WINS Learning Center in Bedulu.

Also the transport to the Learning Center, where you will volunteer.

Introduction Workshop

The first 2 days you will stay in our Introduction Center in Bedulu.

Here, you can acclimatize from your long journey, and attend the introduction workshop.

The morning session will be a general introduction, and will address information about WINS, the code of conduct, the WINS curriculum, etc.

The afternoon session is a tour at the Bedulu Learning Center to get to know the people, the children, and the community, and taste a bit of the local culture.

After the Introduction Workshop, we will arrange a transfer to the Learning Center where you are assigned to do your voluntary work.

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We arrange a room for you in one of the guest rooms of the WINS Learning Centers.

Support on Location

We give you project support which will help you to get more focused on your activities in the Learning Center, where you are assigned to.

During your stay, you will have 24/7 access to an Emergency telephone number. 

Internship supervision/practical training

We can offer you internship supervision/practical training by a certified coach. 

We try to keep the costs low as possible, however there will be costs for the services: Fees