Our speciality is to make a tailor made arrangement for you as a volunteer.

We try to keep the costs low as possible, however there will be costs for the services, arranging the Visa, airport pick-up, accommodation and transport, internship supervision, etc.

The package fees are in Indonesian Rupiah. Please check the current 

exchange rates for your currency.


Service and Registration Fee:


This fee is always included when you register for the first time for volunteering or an internship.

The Service and Registration fee includes:

  • Service by local staff for your personal "tailor made" volunteer/internship placement;
  • Assistance with visa application;
  • Administration costs, program development costs;
  • Use of the WINS Curriculum, teaching materials, computer& printing supplies, teaching aids for an ongoing curriculum development;
  • Local support during your placement;
  • 24/7 access to an Emergency telephone number;
  • VIP-International Certificate.        

Introduction workshop:

Recommended for first time volunteers in Bali


The Add-on Package fee includes: 

  • Pick-up from the Airport to the WINS Learning Center in Bedulu;
  • Introduction Workshop;
  • Accommodation for the first 2 nights, during Introduction Workshop, including breakfast, coffee, tea, fruit juice and snacks.

Internship supervision/ practical training:

  • Internship supervision/practical training: 600.000 per month, including Extended Evaluation Report, excl. transport costs supervisor;
  • Extended Internship Evaluation Report: 300.000;
  • Personal Coaching on Location: 300.000 per session, excl. transport costs personal coach.


Stay in the guest room of the  Learning Center:

1.450.000 per week

The stay includes:

  • Guest room, breakfast, lunch and diner every day during your volunteering placement, breakfast in the weekends;
  • Free Wifi.


Not included:

NOT included in the Service and Registration fee or other Packages:

  • Costs for the for the initial C6B e-visa and fees for extensions;
  • Airfares and all transportation on Bali, except all transport in your "tailor made" package;
  • Costs for accommodation outside the Learning Centers;
  • Personal expenses, like vaccinations, food and drinks outside your homestay, etc.;
  • Personal health/travel insurances (make sure your insurance covers South-East Asia;
  • Any lesson materials the volunteer or intern buys him/herself;
  • Drop-off at airport or transport any other destination at end of your volunteering/internship placement;
  • Renting a motorbike: RPH 50.000 per day, from RPH 800.000 to RPH to 1.000.000 per month*, depending on the location.

Detailed fee information:

All the fees are subject to change due to changing circumstances like official regulations or inflation. 

Registration and service

Service and registration fee                                                                       1.900.000

B211A Visa: incl. Company Sponsorship, agency fee,

immigration costs and embassy fee                                                         3.950.000

Fee visa extension (60 days)                                                                       2.675.000




Airport pick-up  (1 car)                                                                                    350.000 Introduction                                                                                                    500.000

Stay in Introduction Center, 2 nights                                                            400.000


Depending on your arrangements this fee will be adjusted.                

Transport from Bedulu to other Learning Centers




The fee is for one car.




Make the fee payments to Yayasan Widya Guna, quoting invoice number.

Beneficiary Yayasan Widya Guna
Bank Bank Central Asia
Account Nr 1350242178

Jalan Raya Ubud 10, Ubud


Bali 80581  Indonesia


We advise you to use https://wise.com/ 

This is an easy, fast and cheap way to send money abroad.

Use directly the address of the Bank Central Asia, mentioned above. You don't have to use the BIC/Swift code.


With your own bank:

Go to the international bank transfer possibilities in the menu of your own bank. Use the address and BIC SWIFT code of the BCA Bank, mentioned above.


The total amount on the invoice should be transferred within 15 days after receiving the invoice of VIP-International.


Please be aware that you will have to pay all costs in advance.

  • The bank transfer costs are not included and are at the expense of the volunteer;
  • Overdue accounts subject to a service charge of 2% per month;
  • At cancelation the total amount will be returned, minus: Registration fee, Visa costs and International Bank Transaction fee.