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Yayasan Widya Guna: The Special Needs Children Program

This program is ideal for compassionate volunteers. 

The main goal of the special needs program is to help them become independent people with some skills to be able to survive by themselves.

Most of them cannot be accommodated in their local schools or in their community.

The Yayasan therefore welcomes them and offers them a full education, therapy and support in a number of forms. 

They are in the Center from 10:00 am until 15:00 pm from Monday to Friday , following the ‘play and learn’ program.

You will be there from 09:30 until 15:30, to help prepare the day and clean up at the end.


There are about 45 special needs children, both physically and mentally challenged, including cerebral palsy, autism, down syndrome and physical handicaps. There are 3 classrooms for them. Group A is for the children in a wheel chair, group B for the children with autism & hyperactivity and group C for the children with down syndrome. Each class has their own schedule.The level of needs varies from child to child, but they all need individual attention, for them they have a special Snoozle room.


Volunteers with experience in social work and teaching children with special needs are most welcome, as are those still training in physiotherapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy.

There are a range of daily activities and tasks involved, from teaching, doing creative activities with the children, helping in the kitchen or contributing  at the organic farm.


Several local teachers, one teacher's aid and some mothers are present, and you assist the teachers. You are welcome to introduce new activities and teaching methods if applicable and appropriate. 

The Team

There is passionate team of local teachers, occupational and and physiotherapists helping the children and you in the daily activities.




Piduh Café

Bali Charity Café and Shop, also known as Piduh Café, was established within the Yayasan Widya Guna Bali Foundation with the aim of empowering individuals with special needs. 

The current staff includes jong adults with Down Syndrome, low Intelligence, and Cerebral Palsy. The Café provides a safe working environment for locals with mental or physical disabilities, fostering their sense of pride and creating meaning in their lives.


It is an environment where the staff can work calmly, feel accepted, receive education with love, make friends, and interact socially.

While you volunteer or do your internship you will have your lunch at the Café.

They will collect the ingredient, prepare and serve your dish.

Organic farming

The organic farm, 2000 m2 of land, is a

5 minute walk from the Center. 

Already the farm is to be able to fulfill the daily nutritional needs of the children from what is grown in the garden.


Much of the food on their plate will have been grown right there on the farm.   

You will have your hands in the dirt, together with the special needs children as they learn about the importance of organic gardening for themselves, their communities, and for the earth. 

The Center is already using  biogas, so that in future they don't need to buy LPG again for cooking.

This project will also educate the kids about the sustainable energy that can be created from the cow puff  could be used for the compost in the organic garden.


Physio/occupational therapy

Volunteers with therapy training or skills, working with special needs children, are very welcome.  Also students, who would like to do an internship. 

You will be  assisting our local certified physiotherapists. There are a range of daily activities and tasks involved. There is a aqua therapy pool.

Your volunteer role is learning and teaching, not just hands-on care.  You can incorporate some aspects of mentoring and working with local caregivers, so your impact will  last after you leave.



Yoga is healing for the body, soul and spirit.

It teaches them discipline, patience and respect for their bodies. The kids have grown to love practicing it since some of the volunteers introduced it to them.

We have started regular Yoga activities every Monday and Wednesday morning for the special needs children.


Yayasan Widya Guna
Jalan Yeh Pulu • Desa Bedulu• Gianyar• Bali



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