We welcome you to do volunteer or do your internship at one of the WINS Learning Centers in Bali.


If you are interested, please download  the VIP-International Information Book at the link below.
And also visit the page FAQ on this website.


Here you will find all the information you need, to prepare for your adventure.



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How To Apply

Please download and fill out the application form, and send it to:, together with your resume, and a high resolution copy of your passport.

(The copy op your passport is needed to get a Indonesian sponsor letter or authorization letter, conform Indonesian law.
You need this letter to apply for a Social Cultural Visa, at the Indonesian Embassy in your own country of residence.)


Note: Due to the Corona Pandemic specific rules and regulation are in order. You will have to apply for a e-B211A visa through an authorized Visa Agent. We can refer you to our Agent in Bali.


VIP-International Information Book
Here you will find information about WINS, and more other useful information, such as the next steps to take, to apply for Voluntary work, visa information, introduction workshop and fees.
Information Book 22.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 658.2 KB

VIP-International Assessment Form
The assessment form is to register you as a Volunteer, and to determine the best placement for you, based on your skills, and preferred options.
VIP-International Assessment Form 10.doc
Microsoft Word Document 300.5 KB