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Do I need a passport to volunteer?  

All volunteers must have a passport that is valid for at least six months after they plan on returning to their country of origin. 


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Do I need a visa to volunteer or do my internship?  

You must have a Social Cultural Visa to volunteer.

To apply  for this Visa, you need an Indonesian Sponsor, who will provide you with an Invitation letter/ Authorization letter and a copy of his/her Identity Card (KTP).

With these documents,  your passport and a return/onward ticket, you can apply at the closest Indonesian Embassy in our home country.

We will assist you  in your visa application process as the operational manager of a Learning Center will need be your sponsor while volunteering for WINS.

For more information: Visa information

What kind of Driving License do I need?   

You need an International Driving License which you have to apply for in your home country. They are only valid together with your own driving license, so you need to bring both along.

You have to show both during a traffic stop. One is not enough.

What other documents can I prepare?

Have a copy of your passport, ID´s, bank/credit cards and other important documents in your suitcase.

 Make sure your bank card can be used worldwide.

What if I take medicines on a regular basis?  

Your doctor or pharmacy can provide you with a medication passport.

You may have to show this, when you enter Indonesia. 

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