FAQ [before volunteering]


Why should I volunteer?

Volunteering has a meaningful, positive impact on the children and the  community.

It is a proactive way of doing something to make the world a better place. 

And simple actions can have a big impact.

But did you know that it can have many benefits for you too?

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Connecting over shared passions for a cause while helping others is a great way  to meet new friends. 

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Learning about another culture.

Volunteering gives you the chance to expand your horizons and celebrate other            cultures. And be a part of the community.

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Motivation and sense of achievement.

Volunteering presents a proactive way of doing something to help make the world        a better place. Even the smallest gestures make a difference.

      And at the same time you can learn or develop new skills. 

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However, the most fulfilling experience by far is that of volunteering and actually participating wholeheartedly in a project with both locals and other volunteers.

Do I need any specific skills to volunteer or do my internship with WINS?

We believe that volunteers have something special to contribute as long as your motivation is  to contribute to the welfare of the children. Our projects can accommodate all levels of skills and experiences.

You can help by doing all kinds of activities and sharing your personal talents and gifts with the children of the WINS Learning Centers.

The communication language in our Learning Centers is English, and all lessons are in English, so good English, spoken and written is essential!


However we aks you to be:

PROACTIVE  Jump in and maintain a positive attitude.

PATIENT  Life In Bali moves slower than one might be used to. Relax and enjoy the slow pace. Remember, not everything is as organized and predictable as life in your home country.

FLEXIBLE  Plans change, roads get flooded, and electricity goes out. Realize that not everything goes as planned, but good intention is always there.

CONSIDERATE  Respect those around you and be a reliable worker at the program site.  Tell your host family if you will be late. Advise the Project Coordinator if you are sick and can not work.

RESPECTFUL  Remember that the local people you are working with, side by side, do so with little or no salary.  They do this work because they believe in it. There are times when you may not agree with or understand the organizations decisions or direction. Although your suggestions are always welcome, your faith, respect and consideration for their long term work and commitment is appreciated.

FRIENDLY  In order to truly help someone you must get to know them. Do not be afraid to make friends with the local people. Smile, wave and see how fast you are welcomed into the community.

TOLERANT The food, the culture, the smells and the sounds will be unfamiliar to you at first. We recommend that you dive in and experience life head-on. You will be surprised at how quickly you will adapt.




Do you have a minimum or maximum age for volunteers?

You must at least be 18 years old to volunteer.

We welcome students, working professionals, 50+ volunteers, families, and groups from around the world!

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Why should I participate in an international internship?

As the workplace is becoming increasingly global, companies are demanding international experience, cultural competency, and skills in a global environment.
We believe that the perspectives, skills, and knowledge gained through an internship abroad can be essential for your studies and career path.

Through learning and giving back, you’ll set yourself apart as an experienced and international-minded professional when you engage in meaningful experiences abroad.

How far in advance do I need to apply?

We do not have a deadline for volunteer applications and registrations, but our advice is the sooner the better. Two month before the arrival date is appreciated.

We have flexible dates :We work around your schedule; you decide your start date and duration. 


In this way, we can make you a “made to measurement" arrangement, along with all the necessary logistics such as arranging a visa.

Also, the Learning Center of your choice, may still have vacancies.

In order to avoid disappointment, please apply on line and register as soon as possible.


As soon as you apply, our Volunteer Coordinator will  contact you and will help you prepare for your volunteer trip.
The Volunteer Coordinator is also on hand to answer any questions or concerns you may have and to collect all the required information from you before you depart.


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Can I choose a specific Learning Center, where I would like to volunteer?

In the Application form you can tell us the Learning Center you’re interested in, and we will try to match you.

However, depending your activities and skills and vacancies, VIP- International will determinate in which of Learning Centre your activities are most needed. You can be assigned to any Learning Centre.

VIP reserves the right to move you to another Learning Center, based on the need for a special project.

Is there any minimum or maximum volunteer period?

The minimum volunteer period is 4 weeks. This helps providing consistency for the children, which is important for their development. 

There maximum period you can stay  is 180 days (about 6 months) at the time, due to visa regulations. 

How do I prepare?

By downloading the Information book for Volunteers.

Here you will find useful information, such as the next steps to take to apply for Voluntary work, information about the WINS foundation,  information about culture, history and all you need to know to prepare.


To know about Bali before arriving can really make a difference, particularly when you are arriving for the first time.  Bali is a part of Indonesia and therefore still subject to all the opportunities and challenges that a developing country is facing in this very dynamic time. Although Bali is pretty safe and easy to travel, a lot of things simply don’t work the way you are used to.


The local Education Manager will contact you upfront and help determine the best activities, location and start dates for you. Once you enroll, you’ll be invited to our Wins Shared Volunteer Documentation on the Internet, with curriculums for you to prepare and use.


If you Like the he VIP-International Facebook page, you will be informed regularly about the Learning Centers, volunteers and projects.


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What should I wear while volunteering at the Learning Centers?

You will dress appropriately whilst on location and  in the village. Both men and women have to cover the shoulders and wear mid-length clothing.

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Can I volunteer if I have a disability?

If you have a disability or additional needs, that you think may affect your volunteering, then please contact us at info@vip-international.net. and we will be happy to explore possibilities.

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