Our Mission

We welcome volunteers who have the desire to make a difference and who want to volunteer or do an internship in Bali.  

We facilitate volunteers from all over the world, so that they can come to the WINS Learning Centers and help educate the children.


We believe a successful volunteer program should bring genuine benefits to both the communities we work with and to our volunteers.

We provide cultural immersion experiences, achieved by living and assisting local people, communities, organizations and families. 

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How we work

Our specialty is to create a "made to measurement" arrangement for you as a volunteer.

We will provide you with all the information and assistance you need to prepare for your volunteering or internship.

Ann will be your contact, beginning with your initial application, throughout your stay with us, until the end of your volunteer experience. 


We will guide you through the application process, give you insight into local opportunities and help find a placement for you that suits your specific skills, experience, and interests or internship requirements:

  • After you sent your application, we will have a video call to perform a personal assessment, and to speak with you about your planned activities, your preferences;
  • Depending on your activities and skills VIP will help you to determine in which of Learning Centers your activities are most needed;
  • We provide you with an invitation letter and copy of the identity card of your sponsor for your visa application and give you the information you need to apply for a Social Cultural Visa in your home country; 
  • We arrange accommodation in the guest rooms of the Learning Centers;
  • We can arrange an airport pick-up and transport to your destined location;
  • We provide an Introduction Workshop;
  • There is a WINS curriculum, for you to use;
  • We provide internship supervision/practical training, including Extended Evaluation Report.
  • A volunteer 'Agreement/ Code of Conduct’ is required to be signed by each volunteer and will be provided to you by email before your arrival.