About us

Our Mission

Our aim at VIP-International is to facilitate volunteers from all over the world, so that they can come to the WINS Learning Centers and help educate the children.


At VIP-International,  we believe a successful volunteer program should bring genuine benefits to both the communities we work with and to our volunteers.


Our specialty is to create a "made to measurement" arrangement for you as a volunteer.


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Our team

We will assist you with all necessary matters, so that you can be focused on your passion and your work with the children:

  • Depending on your activities and skills VIP will help you  to determine in which of Learning Centers your activities are most needed; 
  • Visa handling for Indonesia;
  • Housing;
  • Transport;
  • Introduction Workshop;
  • A WINS curriculum, for you to use;
  • Coaching on location, on request;
  • Internship supervision, including Extended Evaluation Report.

Ann will be your contact, beginning with your initial application, throughout your stay with us, until the end of your volunteer experience. She will give you support, continuity,  and peace of mind.